"I have known Martin for many years and have always found him to be reliable, professional and knowledgeable in his field. Martin’s consultancy skills are highly proficient and he clearly knows what makes a game successful, both from a commercial and critical viewpoint. I'd recommend his services to anyone seeking expert and impartial advice on their products."

"The scriptwriting work that he did for us on The Movies and Black & White 2 was a perfect balance of humour and storytelling. All his work was produced on time and to the highest standards."

Peter Molyneux, OBE
Founder, Lionhead Studios

"I have known and worked with Martin Korda - one of gaming's most respected journalists - through most of my tenure at Valve. Martin possesses tremendous knowledge and understanding of the gaming and tech industries - the companies, products, and individuals. He is a prolific writer with genuine enthusiasm for his work, which has earned him a solid reputation amongst industry professionals worldwide."

Doug Lombardi
Director of Marketing, Valve Software

"Concise, reliable and value for money, Martin provided us with a game evaluation service that we found to be invaluable when deciding which new products to add to our catalogue. His experience as a games reviewer is without question and the accuracy of his report lead us to make some very good decisions. One aspect I value above all is his honesty. If a game is bad, then I need someone who will tell me that it's bad and not someone who simply pays lip service to a paying client. Acid-sharp reviewing skills with an ability to suggest marketing opportunities is a must, and the service - which we feared would be very expensive - was more than affordable and well worth the money. Thank you, Martin!"

Neil Cotton
Director, Dusk2Dawn Interactive Limited

"If you want to attain an accurate and informed perspective on your game from an external source, Martin's industry insights can make a big difference and give your game the extra shot in the arm it needs to stand out from the crowd"

Chris Taylor
Founder & Creative Director, Gas Powered Games

"When it comes to trusting external sources for your evaluation needs, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Martin, one of the most active and well-connected games critics in the industry."

Chris Hewett
Executive Producer, Monolith Productions

"As a project manager I found Martin's input and feedback to be most valuable. His open and informed review reinforced and challenged our thinking, whilst his detachment from the project meant that we could rely on his objectivity. His comments, drawn from his own industry experience, were insightful from both a design and commercial point of view, as well as being timely and succinctly delivered.

Nick Ricks
Producer, Giant Entertainment

"Working with Martin Korda has allowed Redback to concentrate on sales and product positioning.  Martin's constructive feedback on our product content and potential consumer appeal - whilst updating us to competitor products and market trends - has assisted strategic decisions and product potential, prior to release. This independent feedback combined with Martin's genuine eagerness and interest to support, is a refreshing advantage in this increasingly competitive market sector."

James Cato
Managing Director, Redback Sales Limited

"I have always found Martin’s evaluation skills to be of highest quality and I would not hesitate to recommend his services.  His forthright opinions helped us identify key areas of weakness in Black Cactus’s products, while his suggestions for improvements helped improve our game mechanic and product differentiation."

Ian Turnbull
Director of Operations, Player X
Formally Operations Director, Black Cactus Games

"Martin ticks every box I would look for when searching for external solutions. I would have no hesitation trusting him on a project, his communication skills are beyond excellent and I can't think of anyone I've met with more enthusiasm for our industry. All of these qualities are backed up by a very deep knowledge and understanding of what makes games work and why people love them."

Michael de Plater
Creative Director, Ubisoft Shanghai

"Having worked closely with Martin during the development of The Movies, it quickly became apparent that he is a very skilled scriptwriter whose work is always well written, creative and entertaining."

"The consultancy work that he undertook for us proved an invaluable aid when it came to bridging the gap between the development room and the real world - where the press and word of mouth have such a big influence on the success of your product. This in turn helped us to identify any potential weaknesses. Martin filled this gap with professionalism and honesty."

Mark Webley
Development Director, Lionhead Studios

"Martin is a hugely respected, experienced and talented games journalist. Martin has covered our games for several years and in that time demonstrated his vast knowledge, not only of our titles, but also the games industry as a whole."
"We've always found him a delight to work with, his enthusiasm and knowledge of gaming, coupled with his understanding of the industry and its processes make him ideal as a consultant for any developer seeking informed opinion or feedback on their titles.

Mike Simpson
The Creative Assembly

"Every time I've dealt with Martin as a journalist he's been incredibly professional, somehow finding the balance of how to approach difficult subject without offending, and enthusing just enough to still be taken seriously - which is some feat - leading to a very strong reputation as a writer and journalist that both PR's and devs enjoy working with, as you know he will always be honest and thoughtful."

Miles Jacobson
Studio Director, Sports Interactive

"It is a great pleasure working with Martin. His skill & efficiency are matched only by his positive attitude and willingness to work on anything!"

"Martin understands games and I would recommend his consultancy and scriptwriting services to anyone in development, PR, marketing and publishing. Martin fulfils all needs to a great quality, on time, and with a smile on his face."

Adrian Moore
Lead Designer, The Movies

"Martin is one of the most experienced games journalists around giving him a breadth of knowledge of the industry and its products and processes that will be valuable to anyone in the computer games business."

Tim Ansell
Founder, The Creative Assembly

"Martin is a very accomplished writer who produces tight, well-written copy to strict deadlines and I have been extremely pleased with all his freelance items including game evaluations and presentations I have commissioned from him. He has engaged writing styles that match his personality, and is one of the most hard-working consultants and journalists I know."

Danielle Woodyatt
Owner, Lunch PR

"Martin Korda is a prominent game critic and an avid game enthusiast.  His analytical insights of games go straight to their strengths and weaknesses. If you're looking for expert advice on your product, Martin's your man."

Richard Gray
Ritual Entertainment

"For several years, Martin has been one of the Video Games Industry's prominent journalists and reviewers. I would recommend him to anyone seeking incisive, insightful and above all useful evaluations of their or competitors' products. His wealth of experience makes him one of my first ports of call when I need computer games related advice and opinion."

Edward Watson
CEO, The Computer Sports Network Ltd

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